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IntelligentHack goes live!

March 29, 2021


At the beginning of the year, I started working at IntelligentHack, the consultancy set up by my old friend Marco Cecconi. After three months of hard work, we’ve finally launched the website. As we explain on the homepage:

We are your “development therapist”. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions to find the root cause of your problems holding you back from achieving your goals. We team up with you, work closely with your management and staff to come up with the best solutions.

Are you struggling to repay technical debt? Thinking of going remote? Wanting to learn to do agile effectively? Whether you’re a start-up getting to market, a scale-up facing the challenges of growth, or an established company grappling with falling productivity, we’re here to help.

You can read our press release here. Our blog can be found here. If you want to get in touch or read more about the team, you can do so here.