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Welcome to tietokone.io!

December 10, 2020

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on writing beautiful, clean code, making remote teams work well together across multiple continents and timezones, doing automated testing in a pragmatic, effective way, and many other topics (including the occasional detour into Star Trek, Golden Age science fiction, and Huddersfield Town).

For the non-Uralophones amongst us, tietokone is the Finnish word for computer. (It translates literally to information machine - the Finns hate using loan-words.) Given this blog is being written on a Linux-based system, I’m sure Linus would think it appropriate.

Anyway, I hope my posts will prove useful or interesting to someone. Check back soon, when I’ll be discussing how I solved some irritating problems dealing with the Google Sheets API and C# SDK. (The documentation for this stuff is pretty terrible, so hopefully I’ll save someone some time.)