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Focusing development for delivery

Working for a start-up can be a very intense business, which has kept me from updating this blog as much as I'd like. This week I tackle problems that have been a key focus of my work with Intelligent Hack. What does it mean to do Agile and Scrum? Is it simply about following procedures and processes, or running meetings with fancy titles? How do we focus teams on delivery instead of methodology?

IntelligentHack goes live!

At the beginning of the year, I started working at IntelligentHack, the consultancy set up by my old friend Marco Cecconi. After three months of hard work, we've finally launched the website.

Converting .xlsx files to Google Sheets in C#

In my previous post I looked at handling hyperlinks when importing Google spreadsheets via the C# SDK. Today, I continue the GSuite theme with a short piece on importing Excel workbooks into the Google Sheets format via the C# SDK. (Since these posts are so closely related, I decided to post them together.)


Handling hyperlinks in the Google Sheets C# SDK

Recently, when writing a script to import data from Google Sheets into a database using the C# SDK, I came across a problem handling pasted hyperlinks in the source spreadsheet. The solution in the end was, thankfully, fairly straightforward, but Google’s documentation was quite poor, and I found little useful information on the web. Hopefully this post will save a few developers some time (and prevent a few grey hairs in the process).


Welcome to tietokone.io!

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on writing beautiful, clean code, making remote teams work well together across multiple continents and timezones, doing automated testing in a pragmatic, effective way, and many other topics (including the occasional detour into Star Trek, Golden Age science fiction, and Huddersfield Town).